Flip cameras are now available to check out of each school library.

Flip Video Ultra Series Camcorder, 60-Minutes

About Flip Cameras

Getting Started

Instructions for Using Flip Camera

How to Use the Flip Camera (and Compose Shots)

See Mary Kenslea's notes from MassCUE 2009 conference.

Ideas for using Flips with students

SchoolTube - "a website for K-12 schools that blocks out inappropriate content through an innovative Chain of Accountability process. Videos and pictures are student produced and moderator approved, thus producing a pure and refreshing site that is appropriate for school use". See also: http://www2.schooltube.com/Educators.aspx

Sandra has been in touch with SchoolTube to request that each school is registered in School Tube and that Library Teachers and Instructional Technology Specialists be moderators (additional teachers could become moderators).

If you go to http://www.schooltube.com/ and select and type in Whittemore, you can then find the Whittemore School (Parmenter Rd Waltham) in the list. When you select the school you can then see videos that have been upload (and approved by the moderator) for that school.

Video in the Classroom.com -- Integrating Video Production in the Elementary Classroom and Beyond - watch the TeacherTube!

Using Flip Camera in the Classroom
  • regularly use it to capture video to put online - clips which can then be embedded into blogs and webpages
  • capture students comments and descriptions of their work for a range of formative and summative assessment purposes
  • formally record interviews to help when developing personal learning profiles

Teaching N' Technology
...and from part one
Narrated field trips with students serving as guides
- Interviewing other students, staff or community members
- Digital storytelling projects
- Capturing science as it happens
- Demonstrating experiments
- Students sharing "their world"
- Taping presentations and reports

...looking for teachers using technology...in the room and record a few seconds of video. Posted on the school's intranet under "Look Who Was Caught Using Technology Today".

On website - Upload video of kids telling of important school events coming up to your school's website

Technology Brown Bag Discussion - not much about the Flip but many interesting links...

Technology and Learning article September 2010